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Y2Y Mobile Project:

Mobile Application Android Nodejs REST Salesforce

Y2Y real world mobile application that I worked on summer of 2018. Short description about Y2Y Harvard Square (Y2Y), it is a student-run overnight shelter, employs a youth-to-youth model to provide a safe and affirming environment for young adults experiencing homelessness. Through this app, young adults will be able to check about their warning, locker number, response to RSVP, complete their checklist, send messages and read their guide book in realtime on palm of their hand. Application comprises of fully working backend using Node.js and Express, Hashing password for secure storage, Design aspect of the application, Token to handle with unauthorized request, password reset/setup feature, middleware to interact with saleforce database and building the application using Android studio. We have used different design pattern such as MVC to make application well modulated, Delegate pattern so forth to communicate between views.


Barcode Reader [Beta]:

Mobile Application Swift RESTful CoreData CocoaPod

PROJECT IDEA : App that let’s user scan product and get the price of the product instantly.All scanned item are stored locally into mobile device via coredata.This app also gets user top suggested product for the scanned product.Strip down version of my BU Spark android project for iOS version.

Android Project:

Mobile Application Java Web Server AWS Firebase

[PROJECT IDEA :If you buy an item with your credit card and find a lower price within a certain time period after the purchase, your card’s price protection feature refunds you the difference (taxes, shipping, etc. are not included). The lower-priced item must match the item you purchased exactly — same model, manufacturer and so on. Unlike other credit card benefits, such as purchase protection and extended warranty coverage, price protection isn’t automatic. Depending on your card issuer, you may have to register the item for them to track or track the price and file the paperwork yourself to get your refund.]
This app will allow users to input products information by OCR and barcode, and keep tracking the price fluctuation by Walmart Open Api. All user and product infromation are stored in online database: Firebase, and our server will periodically retrieve products prices through api. If there is a significant price change, a notification will be sent to users. They can then ask for price protection from their credit cards companies.

iOS Project:

Mobile Application Swift CocoaPod Design iOS

Netflix Application design that I made from scratch programmatically without any nib and storyboard. This application is part of my clone-application challenge that I'm doing to push myself to go through real world application design programmatically. This application uses UICollectionView to achieve grid layout as well as some 3rd party library via cocoapod.


Data Mechanism:

Data Visulization Python Web Server D3.js K-cluster

Hubway is a bicycle sharing company where guest and subscribed users can lend a bike for certain amount of time. Our main goal was motivated by the question what if Hubway would like to add more station in the city of Boston. To obtained this objective, the clustering algorithm like hierarchal and k-mean were used to place the new bike stations.