About me

I’m an undergraduate completing my Bachelor's degree at Boston University. As of now, I’m taking computer programming as my core subject. “Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” by Kevin Durant, It’s a cliche, but I believe that devotion and hard work willbring success in life. My aspiration in life has to do what I love: Computer programming, photography. trekking.

Language Proficiency

Android SDK

Android is very popular and on demand platform. Overall design pattern follows MVC design pattern as its counterpart Swift. Kotlin vs Java ? I prefer both.


Love for python is irreplaceable and everybody's starting point. I love scikit-learn library for Machine learning and how simple it's syntaxical constructs are to write.


Making iOS applications with MVC framework adds a whole new meaning to object oriented programming. Functional programming side of the swift makes it even superpowerful to debug.